Looking For Free Tools To Help Your Camping Needs

Free Helpful Items For Camping

These free RV tools are for any RV enthusiast or traveler on a budget. These resources offer a range of information and services to enhance your RVing experience without breaking the bank. From trip planning tools like RV Trip Wizard to apps like iOverlander that provide insights on free camping spots and amenities, these resources help you navigate the road with ease. Websites such as Campendium offer reviews and recommendations on campgrounds, RV parks, and boondocking locations, ensuring you find the perfect spot for your needs. Whether you're seeking travel advice, campground suggestions, or community forums to connect with fellow RVers, these free resources are a treasure trove of knowledge for all your RVing adventures.

  • RV Trip Wizard: This online trip planning tool helps you plan your RV trips, find campgrounds, and explore points of interest along the way. They offer a free trial period, and some features remain accessible after the trial ends.
  • RVillage: A social network for RV enthusiasts, RVillage allows you to connect with other RVers, join community groups, find local events, and share experiences. It's free to join and use.
  • AllStays Camp & RV: AllStays provides a comprehensive directory of campgrounds, RV parks, rest areas, and overnight parking options. Their website and app offer free access to basic information and amenities for many locations.
  • Freecampsites.net: This website lists free and low-cost camping options across the United States. Users can search for free campsites, boondocking spots, and public lands suitable for RVing.
  • Harvest Hosts: Although Harvest Hosts primarily offers a membership-based service, they provide a free downloadable PDF guide called "Harvest Hosts Insider's Guide" that lists free or low-cost overnight stay locations at wineries, farms, and attractions.
  • Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Lands: BLM manages millions of acres of public lands, many of which allow dispersed camping. The BLM website provides information on camping regulations, maps, and locations across the United States.
  • National Forests: National Forests often offer free or low-cost camping options, including dispersed camping in designated areas. The websites of specific National Forests provide information on camping rules, locations, and permits if required.
  • iOverlander: Although primarily focused on international travel, iOverlander also provides a database of free camping spots and RV-friendly locations within the United States. Their website and app are free to use.
  • RV forums and communities: Online RV forums like RV.net, iRV2.com, and RV-Forums.org offer valuable information, tips, and recommendations from experienced RVers. You can ask questions, seek advice, and engage with fellow RV enthusiasts for free.
  • YouTube channels: Many RV-related YouTube channels provide free educational content, travel guides, and tips for RVing. Channels like "FamilyRvLiving", "Gone with the Wynns," "Keep Your Daydream," and "Less Junk, More Journey" are popular among RVers.