Must-Have RV Gear: Explore the Top Picks for Your RV Adventures

Top Gear For Camping

At, we've curated a selection of top gear for your RV to elevate your road-tripping and camping experiences. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or new to the RV lifestyle, having the right equipment can make all the difference. Our collection includes high-quality, durable, and innovative products designed to meet the unique needs of RV enthusiasts. From kitchen essentials to outdoor gear, we've got you covered. Explore our handpicked selection of top gear for RVs and make your adventures more comfortable and enjoyable. Browse our website today to find the perfect tools and accessories to enhance your RV journey.

Nice To Have Gear

Oxygenics RV Handheld Shower

The showerhead features a powerful Oxygenic setting that enhances existing water pressure and expands coverage, ensuring a more invigorating shower experience. With the simple push of a button, users can easily control the water flow, leading to increased pressure, reduced water consumption, and ultimately, greater savings. Specifically engineered to optimize performance within tank size and pressure limits, it guarantees maximum efficiency. Equipped with a 60-inch hose, it allows for convenient access to hard-to-reach areas and facilitates effortless cleanup. Additionally, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty, offering assurance against clogging or any performance failures, ensuring long-lasting satisfaction and peace of mind for users.

Full Motion TV Wall Mount up to 33 lbs VESA 100x100mm

The heavy-duty RV full-motion TV mount accommodates most 10-26 inch TVs weighing up to 33 lbs., featuring VESA/mounting holes spacing from 50x50mm to 100x100mm. Crafted from highly durable steel, this mount ensures sturdiness and safety for your TV. It boasts a unique one-step lock mechanism with a 20mm tongue that secures and fixes swivel arms and the TV plate during vehicle motion to prevent bumps. The spring latch facilitates easy use of the locking mechanism and eliminates creaking during trips. Installation is made easy with the quick-install design, complete with clear instructions and pre-numbered hardware bags. The mount allows for +/-5 degrees post-installation adjustment and offers optimal viewing angles with tilting capabilities of +5°/-15° and swiveling of +/-90° (swivel angle depending on TV size).

Dual RV Propane Tank Cylinder Rack for RVs and Trailers

The Dual Propane Bottle Rack is engineered to safely secure two 20-pound propane tanks during travel with your RV or trailer. Its user-friendly design allows for quick and effortless setup – simply position the tanks onto the rack and secure them in place by tightening the tee bracket onto the tanks with the wing nut. Constructed from durable powder-coated steel, this rack ensures reliable performance. Included components comprise the tank base, steel rod, tee bracket, and wing nut, providing all necessary elements for installation. Efficiently accommodating two 20-pound propane tanks, this rack offers convenience and peace of mind for your propane storage needs.

Cyclone Sewer Vent Cover | Draw Holding Tank Odors out of the RV

Harness the natural power of the wind to effectively eliminate holding tank odors from your RV with this innovative solution. Designed to rotate 360 degrees, it effortlessly follows the wind direction, maximizing its effectiveness. Installation is a breeze as it easily attaches to most RV plumbing vents without the need for drilling into your rooftop. With its sleek black color, it seamlessly blends in with your RV's exterior while providing reliable odor control.

Camper/RV Screen Door Cross Bar

Safeguard your RV screen door from damage and costly repairs with the dependable Camco RV Screen Door Handle. This sturdy crossbar adds strength and ensures the integrity of your screen, providing peace of mind while enhancing durability. Bid farewell to struggles with your RV door, as this grab bar offers a firm and secure grip, facilitating effortless exits from your RV. Universally compatible and featuring an adjustable design, it fits most standard RV doors, with the ability to adjust from 21 5/8" to 28 5/8" for a customized fit. Crafted from durable aluminum, this RV handle grab bar guarantees long-lasting protection for your screen door. Installation is quick and straightforward, with comprehensive instructions and all necessary hardware included, making it a hassle-free addition to your RV setup.

RV Stabilizer Jacks That Work (C Jacks)

the new BAL "C" Jacks, combining the strength of a leveling jack and the steadiness you get from a stabilizing jack. Designed for use with travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers, there's no comparable product like the "34C" Jack. Available in 22", 25" v extension and shipped in a boxed set of two with crank handle.

BAL 23200 Foot Pads for C Jacks

Optional Foot Pads for BAL Style "C" Jacks. These clip on the bottom of the stabilizer jack shown above. Helps support jack leg in soft or loose surfaces. Two 4" x 4" Pads with hardware in box.

Self Adhesive Ceiling & Wall Curtain Track

Our upgraded curtain track offers a convenient solution for window installation without wall damage. Utilizing 3M adhesive tape, this ceiling curtain track eliminates the need for drilling—simply peel the backing and adhere it to a clean surface. Unlike bulky and costly curtain rods, this lightweight PVC track is both affordable and easy to install. With a maximum weight capacity of 10lbs, it's durable enough for long-term use and versatile enough to fit various spaces, from kitchens and bathrooms to living rooms, bedrooms, and RVs. Extend and connect multiple tracks for continuous coverage or trim them down with a fine-tooth hacksaw to suit your specific needs.

12V RV Dimmer Switch, Upgrade 12/24 Volt DC PWM Dimmer for LED Interior Lights, Halogen, Incandescent

This 12V dimmer switch offers a comprehensive dimming range from 3% to 100%, ensuring optimal light performance for any setting. While the On/Off function requires a slight press, the switch features a memory function that recalls your last dimming level. With PWM High Side technology, it delivers smooth and stepless dimming control without any buzzing or flickering, accommodating up to 120W (5A, 24V) to enhance energy efficiency and reduce heat. Compatible with 99% of dimmable 12V LED lights in RVs, boats, campers, vans, and trucks, this dimmer switch offers versatile usage without compatibility concerns. Installation is hassle-free with the included decorative front plate, mounting screws, and user manual providing clear instructions for connecting the wires.

RV Interior Ceiling Dome Light 4.5 Inch, Press Dimmer Switch & Blue Nightlight

The Low Profile Downlight offers a sleek design with its slim 7/8 inch thickness, making it ideal for various locations such as ceilings, under cabinets, kitchens, closets, bedrooms, and storage areas. Featuring dimmable white light and a blue nightlight function, it includes an integrated switch for individual on/off and dimming control. With optimized LED chips and a glare-free frosted polycarbonate lens, this downlight emits even and cozy diffused light. Installation is hassle-free with surface mounting requiring only three screws, which are concealed by the cover lens. Serving as a convenient upgrade for RV and boat lighting fixtures, it covers holes of nearly 3.5 inches without the need for cutting or causing damage, providing a perfect solution for upgrading or replacing existing fixtures.

Necessary Gear

Camper Levelers RV Leveling Blocks - Heavy Duty RV Levelers - Faster and Easier to Level Your Camper Travel Trailer

This camper leveling system offers quick and precise leveling for your RV. Made from heavy-duty high impact polymer, the leveler ramps are durable yet lightweight, accommodating trailers weighing up to 35000LBs. With a honeycomb design, they provide stability without the need for trimming, suitable for both single and dual-axle trailers. The system includes non-skid rubber mats to prevent sliding and ensure a secure hold, making leveling hassle-free and efficient. Simply determine the desired height, drive onto the ramps until level, chock it, and you're done, achieving heights from 1/2 inch to 4 inches with ease.

RV Toilet Treatment Drop-INs - Control Unwanted Odors & Break Down Waste and Tissue

Essential solution for RV and marine sanitation systems, this black tank treatment is designed to effectively eliminate odors and break down human waste and toilet paper in your black water tank. With its waste digestion capabilities, it ensures optimal functionality of your holding tank sensors. This multi-purpose RV accessory is indispensable for boating, camping—whether full-time, occasional, or boondocking—and portable camping toilets, making it a must-have addition to your camping supplies. Featuring an ultra-concentrated formula, just one of these toilet drop-ins can treat camper toilets with up to a 40-gallon tank, providing superior odor elimination for up to seven days. TST Max RV toilet chemicals offer a reliable solution for waste holding tank treatment needs.

Camco Sidewinder 20-Ft Camper / RV Sewer Hose Support

The RV Sewer Hose Support is an essential accessory that not only protects but also supports your RV sewer hose, facilitating smooth waste drainage during camping trips. Compatible with up to a 20-foot RV waste hose and all 3-inch diameter hoses, its flexible design allows it to adapt around obstacles while maintaining stability. Engineered with deep cradles, it securely holds the RV dump hose in place without the need for straps. This support features an angled structure to ensure a downward slope for optimal drainage, while its telescopic functionality enables easy adjustment during use and convenient folding for compact storage afterward. Crafted from sturdy, lightweight plastic with no-rust parts, this durable product requires no assembly and comes ready for immediate use. Additionally, it includes a handy carrying strap for effortless transport and storage.

Leveling Scissor rv-Jacks Socket Drill Adapter with 14 Quick Connect Hex Shank Tools, Works with All 3/4in. or 19mm Hex Drive Jacks

The RV Sewer Hose Support is an essential accessory that not only protects but also supports your RV sewer hose, facilitating smooth waste drainage during camping trips. Compatible with up to a 20-foot RV waste hose and all 3-inch diameter hoses, its flexible design allows it to adapt around obstacles while maintaining stability. Engineered with deep cradles, it securely holds the RV dump hose in place without the need for straps. This support features an angled structure to ensure a downward slope for optimal drainage, while its telescopic functionality enables easy adjustment during use and convenient folding for compact storage afterward. Crafted from sturdy, lightweight plastic with no-rust parts, this durable product requires no assembly and comes ready for immediate use. Additionally, it includes a handy carrying strap for effortless transport and storage.

QWORK RV Battery Monitor Voltmeter Ammeter, Voltage Current Range 8V-80V, 0-100A Voltage Current Meter

The Battery Condition monitor offers high-precision current detection, providing detailed insights into the status of your battery bank akin to a fuel gauge, allowing you to easily assess its condition. Equipped with a large backlit LCD display, it presents multiple battery metrics such as voltage, current, consumed power, and battery capacity for clear visibility and monitoring. Additionally, the device is designed to automatically store the last testing data when the system shuts off, ensuring convenience and continuity in tracking battery performance. With a voltage range of 8V to 80V and a current range of 0 to 100A, it caters to a wide array of applications, including mobile and portable equipment, balance cars, cleaning machines, e-bikes, instruments, RVs, boats, caravans, and more, making it a versatile and indispensable tool for battery management across various settings.

RV Surge Protector 30 Amp RV Circuit Analyzer Surge Guard Full Protection

GEARGO Portable RV Surge Protector, engineered to safeguard your electronic equipment with 8000 Joules of surge protection and advanced circuit analysis capabilities. This surge protector features a circuit analyzer that allows you to assess the quality of your power source before connecting your RV, identifying common wiring faults such as open ground, reverse polarity, and more. It boasts a durable construction with V-1 flame-retardant materials and IP68 waterproof design, ensuring safety even in harsh weather conditions. Additionally, its ergonomic power grip handles and right-angle male connector ensure easy and secure connection to your power source, making it a reliable and user-friendly choice for RV owners.

RV Power Adapter Camper Cord-50amp Male to 30amp Female,12inch

The NEMA 14-50P to TT-30R adapter facilitates a seamless connection between power sources, featuring a rating of 30A/125V/3750W. With a length of 12 inches, it is constructed from high-quality 10/3 STW pure copper, ensuring reliable performance. The adapter's handles are molded from heavy-duty polyvinyl plastic, providing durability and ease of use for connecting or disconnecting. Specifically designed for RV use, it is essential to adhere to the rated current and power specifications to ensure safe operation and optimal functionality.

RV Camper Cord Adapter 15A Male to 30A Female 12inch Power Connector

The NEMA 5-15P to TT-30R adapter features a rated value of 15A/125V/1875W and a 12" length, constructed with high-quality 12/3 STW pure copper for durability and reliability. Its molded, heavy-duty polyvinyl plastic handles facilitate easy plugging and unplugging. Ideal for campervans, trailers, motorhomes, caravan parks, campgrounds, and recreational areas, this adapter ensures convenient power access without exceeding rated current or power limits.

ROMON Trailer Lock, Fit 1-78, 2, and 2-516 Couplers, For Boat and Rv

The Trailer Hitch Lock serves as a versatile utility trailer accessory, suitable for securing trailer boats, campers, or RVs equipped with 1-7/8", 2", and 2-5/16" trailer couplers. Easy to install and remove using the correct key, this trailer coupler lock offers adjustable tightness by simply turning the key. Crafted with a lock cylinder made of brass and zinc, it effectively resists rust and corrosion, ensuring prolonged durability. Featuring a latest locking mechanism, its unique design prevents it from being pried open. Manufactured by Romon, a professional automotive parts manufacturer, the trailer lock can be directly purchased from Romon through Amazon, accompanied by a 3-year quality assurance service for added peace of mind.

12V Marine Boat Cigarette Lighter Socket, 3 in 1 USB Outlet Panel 12 Volt RV Power Socket Charger Socket

The Kohree Cigarette Lighter Socket is equipped with dual QC3.0 USB ports featuring Smart IC and fast charging technology, capable of charging devices up to 4 times faster than traditional chargers. Compatible with all 12V-24V vehicles such as cars, buses, RVs, ATVs, trucks, trailers, boats, and more, this socket provides universal charging convenience. It includes a digital voltmeter display showing 6-24V voltage in real-time, ensuring safe driving by alerting you to abnormal voltage levels. With a total output of up to 120W (12V) / 250W (24V), it meets all your charging needs. The charger panel features an independent ON/OFF switch, saving electricity and extending the product's lifespan while eliminating concerns about power drain. Constructed from durable ABS and aluminum materials, this car charger offers superior heat emission, wear resistance, and non-flammability. Additionally, it includes a 10A built-in fuse for intelligent protection against over-load, over-heat, over-voltage, under-voltage, and short-circuit situations. The package includes one Dual USB Charger & Voltmeter, one Cigarette Lighter Socket, one Blue Toggle Switch, nine Insulated Terminals, and four Screws (Connection Wires Not Included), providing everything you need for easy installation and use.

Camco Camper RV Holding Tank Swivel Stik Rinser

Powerful rotary cleaning action with this RV tank cleaner, ensuring thorough cleaning and a fresh-smelling black water tank. Its flexible 34" section allows for easy access to hard-to-reach RV tanks, providing superior control and cleaning power, even in offset basement tanks. With a simple setup, it attaches effortlessly to most garden hoses with a standard ¾" female connection, while the 1/4 turn shutoff valve allows for efficient water flow control. Designed for maximum comfort and convenience, the Easy Grip handle and brass moving parts ensure reliability and performance. Measuring at 24" long with a solid section and a 2" diameter nozzle, this Swivel Stik is a must-have addition to your camping supplies for hassle-free cleaning and rinsing of your camper's holding tank.

Camco PowerGrip 30-Amp RV Extension Cord

This 25' 30-amp RV plug extends the reach of your RV's electrical outlet, making it a must-have for campers, motorhomes, travel trailers, and 5th wheels. Rated for 125 volts/3750 watts, it features 100% copper 10-gauge wires for optimal conductivity, complete with standard 30-amp male (NEMA TT-30P) and female (NEMA TT-30R) connectors. Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, its flame-retardant, heat-resistant PVC sheath ensures durability while offering extreme flexibility to reduce strain. The patented Power Grip handle facilitates hassle-free plugging and unplugging without risking damage to the cord. Additionally, strategically placed 90-degree heads alleviate pressure on the cord, enhancing maneuverability and stability during use.

30 Amp 125V 30 Foot Right Angle Swivel Handle Yellow RV Power Cord

The ParkPower By Marinco RV 30 Amp Right Angle Locking Cordset features a GripLock handle design, ensuring easy hook-up and correct blade alignment with the inlet, even in low-light conditions. Its super flexible 10/3 cable offers enhanced maneuverability, while the watertight molded plug and connector ends provide durability and reliability. Constructed with high-quality materials, including PVC jacket material, this cordset ensures long-lasting performance. It comes complete with a threaded ring and EasyLock ring for added convenience and security during use.

Camco RhinoFLEX 15-Ft CamperRV Sewer Hose Kit

Camco presents the RhinoFLEX RV black water hose kit, a comprehensive solution for hassle-free dumping at campground stations. This essential RV accessory includes a 15-foot RhinoFLEX sewer hose, a swivel bayonet adapter, a transparent elbow fitting with a 4-in-1 adapter, and two storage caps for each end of the hose. Designed for convenience, the 4-in-1 adapter fits various dump station pipes, while the transparent elbow allows easy monitoring of tank levels. With pre-attached fittings that swivel for effortless connection and disconnection, the hose and fittings compress to 56 inches for compact storage. Crafted from durable 23-mil polyolefin reinforced with steel wire, Camco's RhinoFLEX RV sewer hose ensures reliability and longevity, making it an indispensable addition to your camping supplies.